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SEDIMENT BOWL GASKET Sediment bowl gasket for ford 1 9/16" Sediment bowl gasket 2 1/8 OD for use with tall bowl
Screen and gasket for Ford carburetor mounted sediment bowls (small type) SEDIMENT GLASS BOWL ONLY SEDIMENT BOWL SCREEN
SCREENS pack of 5 Sediment bowl bail and nut for short bowl Sediment bowl bulb/glass (tall)
Our Price: $8.00
FUEL FILTER BAIL ASSEMBLY WITH BRASS NUT Short replacement bowl 2" Sediment bowl bail and nut for tall bowl
Our Price: $16.00
Our Price: $28.43
John Deere automatic/oil operated sediment bowl diaphragm kit.  Includes two large diaphragms and actuating valve sealing washer Sediment bowl shut off diaphram kit New Ford fuel shut off and strainer
Our Price: $78.50
3-Way Fuel Valve
Our Price: $89.95
John Deere 3 way fuel valve John Deere 3 way valve rod style full round shaft John Deere 3 way fuel valve AB609R