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Bracket, Coil - Zinc Clear Ballast resistor for use on most 12V systems 1.5 ohm universal fit ballast resistor typically used in some ignition circuits
94-3360 coil bracket
Our Price: $6.00
Bracket, Coil - chrome
Our Price: $8.00
Ignition Coil mounting bracket Bracket, Coil - chrome Ignition Primary Wire Extension Kit
94-5109 Wico XB coil core
Our Price: $16.43
Our Price: $18.00
6791 Wico XB distributor main shaft bushing.  2 used, priced and sold each. Wico XB coil core New coil bracket for john deere
Ford front mount coil 6V
Our Price: $27.80
Coil black oil filled (2.9 ohm) Ignition coil for Ford front mount distributor 6V Coil Flame-Thrower COP Ford 2V
Ignition Power Relay Kit
Our Price: $32.84
Coil Flame-Thrower COP Ford 4V Ignition coil for Ford with front mount distributor 12V (must install resistor) Ignition Power Relay Kit
Coil Flame-Thrower COP Ford 3V Coil Flame-Thrower GM LS1/LS6 Coil Flame-Thrower GM LS2/LS3/LS7
Coil Flame-Thrower GM LS Truck Coil Flame-Thrower (1.5 ohm) black Coil Flame-Thrower (3.0 ohm) black
Coil F-T II (0.6 ohm) black Coil Flame-Thrower (1.5 ohm) chrome Coil Flame-Thrower (3.0 ohm) chrome
Coil F-T III (0.32 ohm) black Stock 6V Ignition Coil use w/o external resistor HOT COIL (55000 VOLTS)
Our Price: $43.05
Coil F-T II (0.6 ohm) chrome Flame thrower 40000 volt HOT coil 3.0 ohm Coil F-T (1.5 ohm) black epoxy