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J4 cond
Our Price: $5.95
Flange gasket IH F4 coil cover gasket IH Farmall J4 condensor
Magneto Point Set
Our Price: $7.85
H4 gask set
Our Price: $7.95
IH Farmall J4 points IH Farmall H4 gasket set IH Farmall H4 rotor
F4 H4 condensor
Our Price: $8.25
H4 points
Our Price: $8.95
J4 dist cap
Our Price: $9.59
IH farmall F4 H4 condensor IH Farmall H4 points IH Farmall J4 dist cap
H4 cap
Our Price: $17.00
Our Price: $18.00
IH Farmall J4 Gasket set H4 dist cap IH E4A new name band
Our Price: $20.75
IH F4 magneto point cover
Our Price: $24.00
H4 cover
Our Price: $25.95
IH Farmall F4 points IH F4 point cover IH Farmall H4 coil cover cap
H4 repair kit
Our Price: $31.95
magneto floating coupling roughly 2" outside diameter and 7/16" thick.
magneto floating coupling roughly 1 3/4" outside diameter and 7/8" thick.
IH Farmall H4 repair kit points condensor gaskets rotor etc.
Magneto Rotor
Our Price: $39.95
J4 coil cover
Our Price: $49.50
F4 H4 coil
Our Price: $50.25
IH Farmall J4 rotor IH Farmall J4 coil cover IH Farmall F4 H4 coil
Magneto Coil
Our Price: $69.95
NEW IH Farmall F4 high tension terminal block and conductor IH Farmall J4 coil