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EK 28 frame gasket
Our Price: $1.50
EK 15 hardware kit
Our Price: $2.00
EK 27 coil insulator
Our Price: $2.00
Wico EK frame gasket Wico EK hardware kit Wico EK coil insulator (2 used, priced each)
EK 18 armature screw
Our Price: $3.00
EK 20 armature roller
Our Price: $3.00
EK 14 lead out tower
Our Price: $7.00
Wico EK armature screw (3 used, priced each) Wico EK armature roller Wico EK lead out tower
EK 25 Wico EK nameplate
Our Price: $7.00
EK 13 condenser
Our Price: $10.00
Wico EK nameplate with rivets Wico EK brass strip across coil laminates Wico EK condenser
EK 3 Wico EK back cover
Our Price: $12.75
Wico EK back cover Wico EK armature bushing Wico EK armature bushing
EK 12
Our Price: $15.00
Wico EK points Wico EK front cover without stop button Wico EK armature yoke
Wico EK cover band
Our Price: $27.00
EK 8
Our Price: $39.00
Wico EK front cover with stop button Wico EK wrap around cover Wico EK rear frame
EK 9 front frame
Our Price: $45.00
EK 10
Our Price: $48.00
EK 11 magnet assembly
Our Price: $48.00
Wico EK front frame Wico EK coil laminate priced each.  Requires 2 per magneto. Wico EK magnet assembly
EK 17
Our Price: $81.00
Wico EK coil set
Our Price: $112.50
EK 5 repair kit
Our Price: $145.00
Wico EK armature Wico EK coils (pair) Wico EK repair kit
EK 16
Our Price: $475.00
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