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10-85296 magneto point set 134JMA 18-41A
Our Price: $75.00
Our Price: $95.00
Points Case front plate Case magnet rotor
20JMA 24-5000 Wico X magnet rotor bushing Wico C magneto main shaft bushing
Our Price: $150.00
Case coil Wico X bushing Wico C bushing
25-5000 Wico X magnet rotor bearing 43-5098 70-5071 Wico short lug impulse assembly
Our Price: $2.76
Wico X bearing Wico X rear seal backing plate Wico impulse coupling short lug 6274 drive cup JD
90-5027 Wico X hardware 90-5030 Wico C gasket set 90-5033 Wico trip arm
90-5027 Wico X hardware
Our Price: $21.76
90-5033 Wico trip arm
Our Price: $13.41
Wico drive end hardware Wico C gasket set Wico trip arm package
90-5042 Stop kit 90-5068 Wico X repair kit 90-5072 Wico XB condenser
90-5042 Stop kit
Our Price: $8.72
90-5068 Wico X repair kit
Our Price: $37.13
90-5072 Wico XB condenser
Our Price: $12.60

Wico stop kit

Wico X overhaul kit Wico XB distributor condenser
90-5073 Wico rotor & drive gear package 94-5016 Wico impulse spring 94-5064 CCW drive plate Wico X XH C
Wico distributor rotor and gear Wico impulse spring Wico impulse drive disk
94-5066 Wico X coil core 94-5070 Wico X stop plate 94-5073 Wico bearing cage housing
94-5070 Wico X stop plate
Our Price: $11.15
Wico coil core Wico X striker plate Wico X bearing cage holder
94-5075 Wico base mount cork gasket 94-5076 Wico cap gasket 94-5080 Wico X magneto coil hold down clip / clamp
94-5076 Wico cap gasket
Our Price: $2.66

Wico X rear impulse wiper cork seal

Wico X cap gasket (common)

Wico X coil hold down
94-5087 Wico X base mount rear cover 94-5092 Wico X dual spark cap 94-5108 SAE magneto flange gasket
Wico X rear cover plate Wico X cap Flange gasket
94-5109 Wico XB coil core 94-5156 Wico X magneto bearing assembly 94-5167 Wico X condenser strap
94-5109 Wico XB coil core
Our Price: $16.43
Wico XB coil core Wico X bearing and cage Wico X condensor strap