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94-5108 SAE magneto flange gasket IH F4 brush International F4 magneto coil cover gasket
IH F4 brush
Our Price: $1.32
Flange gasket NEW IH Farmall F4 F6 brush for cap (1 brush per cylinder plus one used to replace all brushes) Sold each(1 brush) IH F4 coil cover gasket
J4 magneto condenser International J4 Magneto Point Set international H4 magneto rotor
J4 magneto condenser
Our Price: $7.95
IH Farmall J4 condensor IH Farmall J4 points IH Farmall H4 rotor
47822D International Farmall magneto impulse spring H4 J4 H4 gask set F4 H4 condensor
H4 gask set
Our Price: $10.07
F4 H4 condensor
Our Price: $10.10
Replacement impulse spring for International H4 J4 etc magneto 47822D IH Farmall H4 gasket set IH farmall F4 H4 condensor
H4 points International J4 magneto Gasket set J4 dist cap
H4 points
Our Price: $10.55
J4 dist cap
Our Price: $13.95
IH Farmall H4 points IH Farmall J4 Gasket set IH Farmall J4 dist cap
H4 pawl kit International F4 magneto point set International H4 magneto distributor cap
H4 pawl kit
Our Price: $15.10
Replacement pawl arms, springs, and clips for IH H4 magneto IH Farmall F4 points H4 dist cap
International E4A magneto name band H4 cover magneto floating fiber coupling for base mount drive
H4 cover
Our Price: $28.61
IH E4A new name band IH Farmall H4 coil cover cap magneto floating coupling roughly 2" OD X 15/16" ID X 7/16" thick
magneto floating fiber coupling for base mount drive IH F4 magneto point cover H4 repair kit
IH F4 magneto point cover
Our Price: $33.92
H4 repair kit
Our Price: $38.13
magneto floating coupling roughly 1 3/4" outside diameter and 7/8" thick.
IH F4 point cover IH Farmall H4 repair kit points condensor gaskets rotor etc.
Magneto Rotor J4 coil cover F4 H4 coil
Magneto Rotor
Our Price: $39.95
J4 coil cover
Our Price: $54.95
F4 H4 coil
Our Price: $55.07
IH Farmall J4 rotor IH Farmall J4 coil cover IH Farmall F4 H4 coil
J4 Magneto Coil International F4 magneto distributor cap IH F4 magneto high tension block
J4 Magneto Coil
Our Price: $59.95
IH Farmall J4 coil IH Farmall F4 cap NEW IH Farmall F4 high tension terminal block and conductor