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DX304 float pin R10017 DLTX throttle arm to shaft screw R10036 1/8" NPT drain cock AR10075 carburetor
DX304 float pin R10017
Our Price: $0.99
Schebler DX float lever pin Throttle arm to shaft screw Drain cock
DX304 air valve spring R10016 R10011 choke disk for JD A D G DX304 DLTX 3 choke spring R10004
Schebler DX air valve spring Choke disk for DLTX A G D & DX304 Choke spring dltx 1 3 dx304
DX304 float pin bearing R10035 81-165  Needle retainer nut dltx 1 3 dx304 Schebler DX304 carburetor gasket set
Schebler DX float lever bearing Needle retainer nut dltx 1 3 dx304 Gasket set for Schebler DX304
DX304 throttle plate R10012 DX304 float needle bowl cap AR10009 DX304 float needle AR10007
Throttle disk Schebler DX Schebler DX float valve cap Schebler DX float valve/needle and seat
DX304 throttle shaft R10019 Schebler DX 304 air valve AR10081 DX304 air valve adjusting screw AR10005
Schebler DX throttle shaft Schebler DX air valve Schebler DX air valve adjusting screw
DX304 Schebler fuel adjustment assy AR10003 2 1/2" DX304 choke shaft X100A DX304 Composite float AR10004
Schebler DX fuel adjustment valve assembly Schebler DX choke shaft 2 1/2" 2" Schebler D float DX304(john deere) and others
DX Composite float
DX Composite float
Our Price: $65.95
Composite Schebler D / DX horseshoe float , fits most 1-3/4" SAE Scheber such as used on Hart Parr and others.