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C85-28 Zenith 61 161 carburetor float C85-103 Zenith carburetor float C85-115 Zenith 267 carburetor float
Small Zenith float 61 & 161 (common) Small Zenith float 61 & 161 (common) Zenith 267 float
C85-40 Zenith 62 63 size 11 12 and model 69 float C85-97 Zenith model 87 carburetor float B85-180 marvel schebler DD carburetor float
Large Zenith float fits 69 series Zenith float Float for Marvel DD series
British Zenith VN VNN carburetor float 3047463R91 B85-139 Zenith 33 carburetor float British zenith 24T2 ferguson float

Float for British Zenith VN and VNN carburetors, may fit others. This is a synthetic float we manufacture, but not the common nitrophyl type material. Will not crush, bend, or sink. It measures roughly 1.165" tall +/- and diameter varies from roughly 1.575" to 1.515 +/- depending on where you measure replaces 3047463R91

B85-139 Zenith 33 carburetor float British Zenith float
Zenith 124 1/2 carburetor float C85-47 C85-65 C85-26 Zenith 62 carburetor float C85-129 Zenith model 1408 carburetor float
Zenith 124 1/2 carburetor float replaces C85-47 (rectangular/coffin shape) can also be used to replace C85-65 (round spherical). Zenith 62 float Zenith model 1408 carburetor float
C85-106A Zenith carburetor float AR13013 C85-1 Zenith 28 51 228 carburetor float International 10-20, Regular Ensign carburetor fuel resistant float
Zenith TU series float Zenith carburetor float fits 28 51 and 228 series. Fits most Farmall: Regular, McCormick Deering: 10-20; with ensign carburetor Replaces: 14588DX, 16876, 16876DX , IHS360
Some(maybe not all) carburetor #'s - 15897D, 15897DAX, 17242D
Roughly 2" outer diameter, 15/16" inner diameter, and 5/8" thick
Made of fuel resistant synthetic material. Will not be affected by normal gasoline like the cork floats. Made to fasten to arm like original. Do not force arm into float, if needed narrow arm slightly with file. If the dimensions match it should work for you, Please check.
C85-59 Zenith K5 K6 carburetor float
Zenith K5 float