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John Deere automatic sediment bowl stem washer JDS863 John Deere 3 way three way fuel valve packing 1/8" NPT drain cock AR10075 carburetor
John Deere automatic/oil operated sediment bowl valve moving stem sealing washer only .  This is a component piece of our MCD4983DK Seal packing for 3 way fuel valve Drain cock
R2069R R2150R MCD4983DK   JD automatic sediment bowl diphragm kit
Our Price: $7.37
Our Price: $9.27
Fuel inlet nut original JD style Fuel inlet gland 5/16" original JD style John Deere automatic/oil operated sediment bowl diaphragm kit.  Includes two large diaphragms and actuating valve sealing washer
Ford fuel tank valve MJDS661 JDS660 john deere three way valve
Ford fuel tank valve
Our Price: $29.95
Our Price: $78.50
New Ford fuel shut off and strainer John Deere 3 way fuel valve John Deere 3 way valve rod style full round shaft
3-Way Fuel Valve 3 Way Fuel Valve -- Fits John Deere A, B, D, GP
3-Way Fuel Valve
Our Price: $89.95
John Deere 3 way fuel valve AB609R For a cheaper substitute use JDS661 . AD680R-M is a high quality 3-WAY FUEL VALVE made in the USA with a vastly improved design and fits John Deere - Fits: A (sn 410859 - 476999), B (sn 1000 - 11621), D (sn 30400 - 143799), GP; Replaces: AD680R